Hello there! If you are seeing an image of a woman with the most handsome dog that ever was, you’ve stumbled upon the “About Me” page of my website. First, ignore me and take another look at my best friend, Tyson. He’s such a good boy.

I’m not really sure what to say about myself. I can talk for hours about my husband or Tyson or practically any other topic – but when it comes to me, I draw a blank. In a nutshell, I am a country girl that loves nature and the spicy scent of pine needles and fresh air. I do art things on the side because if I don’t, I get cranky. Art is my outlet.

Maybe most importantly, I used to run a small art business called Mainely Quilling and I took a two-year hiatus. When I decided to return to the retail art world, I changed the name to Quantum Artistic and started – basically – from scratch again. I’m in year-one of my relaunch and I’m busier than ever.

I have a ton of new designs just waiting to be created. I have a few new patterns that I’ll be launching this winter. And, I even have a couple of books in the works.

Stacy Bettencourt - Owner of Quantum Artistic

Stacy Bettencourt

Owner of Quantum Artistic