Hello there! If you are seeing an image of a woman with the most handsome dog that ever was, you’ve stumbled upon the “About Me” page of my website. First, ignore me and take another look at my best friend, Tyson. He’s such a good boy.

I’m not really sure what to say about myself. I can talk for hours about Tyson or my husband or practically any other topic – but when it comes to me, I draw a blank. In a nutshell, I am a country girl that loves nature and the spicy scent of pine needles and fresh air. I do art things on the side because if I don’t, I get cranky. Art is my outlet.

Since I discovered quilling in 2014, I’ve managed to create hundreds of beautiful pieces. Every single work of art was made with passion and meticulous attention to detail, whether it was a gift for my grandmother or a surprise for a stranger who had recently lost their beloved pet. Many pieces hold special meaning for me and will always be a part of my personal collection.

I’ve had years where I cranked out piece after piece, and I’ve had years where I only created for specific reasons or took on specific projects. What I’ve learned over time is that the most meaningful aspect of being a weekend warrior hobby artist is that I get to choose what I create. I pick projects that satisfy my soul and hopefully enhance the lives of the people that I make art for.

I strive to be the artist that people seek out because they want a piece of artwork that captures a feeling or emotion or memory, and not to simply mass produce generic decor. This is part of the reason I took down my Etsy shop in 2021. I want my art to have essence and meaning.

Does this mean that I’m no longer accepting commissions? Nope! I am definitely interested in hearing about your project ideas. There is no project too small, and, I want to say there are none too large, but… let’s be realistic, we’re talking about quilling here, LOL.

Stacy Bettencourt - Owner of Quantum Artistic

Stacy Bettencourt

Hobby Artist

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