Art Prints Are Now Available

Art prints are now available on Etsy! After two years of Sabbatical, I’ve begun to offer all of my former items again, including these digitally mastered 8×10 art prints of several of my most extreme quilled artwork.

Right now, there are seven of my most popular pieces available and over the next few months I will be processing photos of additional pieces. One of the biggest hurdles to owning quilled artwork is the price tag. This allows you to have the beauty, but for cheap! And, eventually, I will be testing out 11×14 prints.

One of the first prints I will be making is Frog Autopsy as it’s the most requested. If you have suggestions for other prints that you’d prefer, please feel free to contact me.

Other “printing” projects that I have on the radar are my own note card line. I’m not sure if I want to focus just on the cats or if I should offer these as well. Who knows what the future holds. All I know is that right now I’m feeling happy and creative and am blown away at how refreshing my two-year break was!

You can buy an 8×10 print by clicking on the links directly to my Etsy shop below.

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