Autumn Explosion Acrylic Painting

To me, this painting looks like someone took all of autumn and a touch of Halloween, and shot them out of a cannon at this canvas. It’s so – BOOM! And so – BAM! The rich and creamy colors of this Autumn Explosion Acrylic Painting have made it one of my favorites so far.

I told the story of receiving paints that I didn’t order in a previous post, so for those of you who didn’t read it, that’s the interesting part behind these paintings. I normally wouldn’t have chosen these colors but oooh and ahhh, they are so gorgeous together.

This particular painting was a Dutch Pour where I covered the canvas then drizzled the colors you see and blew them around with a blow dryer. It makes for interesting effects, and in this case beautiful black lacing and other intricate details that I just can’t get enough of!

I have listed this item on my Etsy shop for $15 USD. See the listing link at the bottom of this post.

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Available on Etsy

This Autumn Explosion Acrylic Painting is available on my Etsy shop for $15 USD. Please see all of the paintings I currently have listed below. Please note that I am in the process of creating posts, taking photos, and adding listings of roughly 20 paintings this weekend. Favorite my shop and bookmark my site so you can check back as more are added.

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