Banded Agate Pour Painting | Version 1

A couple of weeks ago I received some paint from Michael’s that I didn’t order. It turns out that they took someone’s return and shipped it out to me. The end result was that I got to keep it. The less exciting thing (at the time) was that I wasn’t really hot about the colors. Well… that all changed when I made these this Banded Agate Pour Painting | Version 1. Note that there are actually three separate paintings in this series.

I am calling them banded agate because that’s what they look like to me. It wasn’t intentional. That’s what I like about acrylic pouring. You get unique results every single time and you never know what to expect. Going into a pour with a plan or at least an idea of how you’d like it to turn out will end in disappointment nearly every time.

I’m like a mad scientist mixing up paints and dumping them into cups and pouring them out. I cannot wait to see the patterns emerge. The beauty of the swirls and intricate details.

These three Banded Agate Pour Painting (s) really made my creative brain sing. I love them and will be offering them up both individually or as a package deal. These rich fall colors look amazing together, and with the addition of the metallic gold, it takes it to a new level.

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Available on Etsy

Banded Agate Pour Painting | Version 1 is available on my Etsy shop for $15 USD. I have it listed individually, and later on today hope to get a listing created to sell it as a set of three.

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