Black Vines Monogram | Letter J

During my monogram frenzy in the fall of 2014, I made two pieces that had this same theme. One of them being this Black Vines Monogram | Letter J. I think at the time I was trying to find a monogram pattern that could be easily reproduced and created on-demand but not take forever to assemble.

Well… I hate to say it, but this just doesn’t happen with this art form. No matter how fast you can coil and glue and squeeze, quilling is the turtle of arts, not the rabbit.

That being said, some techniques build quicker than others, but you can rest assured that tiny teardrops and o-coils and loose coils absolutely do not. LOL


This Black Vines Monogram | Letter J is 5″ x 7″ and made with 1/4″ standard quilling strips. As I’ve repeated many times before on these posts, at the time, cardstock strips weren’t commercially available so I used what was. In the early days, all my paper came from either Quilled Creations or Lake City Craft.

I outlined this piece with white strips. Then I just made a bajillion loose coils. Some of which I turned into teardrops, others which stayed as loose coils, and some turned into o-coils. I tossed in some c-coils for decoration.

My mother-in-law ended up with this monogram. And later she got another fancier one as I’d had another year of practice under my belt. Then she got the Field of Daisies piece in 2017. (That was one of my absolute favorites)

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