Blue Scrollwork Monogram | Letter B

This Blue Scrollwork Monogram | Letter B was probably the first one that I really tried to make extra special. I was feeling more confident and was really trying to emulate the professional monograms I was seeing all over Pinterest and Google Images.

Looking back on it, all I see are flaws, but I also see the charm. It was one of the most requested commissions I had during the next couple of years and I ended up making several versions of it.

Blue Scrolls Letter B Monogram
Blue Scrolls Letter B Monogram


As you can see from the WIP photo below, there was a whole lotta scrollwork going on with this monogram. It was 8″ x 10″ and I used 1/4″ standard quilling strips throughout.

At this point, I had no idea how to make multi-strip scrolls. My version of “scrollwork” were c-coils with various length tails. And this was the primary technique I used for this. One thing that I did do is go to Google Images and search for images of vector scrollwork. I used these as references for the shapes to make with the c-coils.

Blue Scrollwork Monogram | Letter B – WIP

Similar Artwork

I have a few other monograms I made back in the day that were essentially clones of this – though they each have a slightly different look and feel to them.

  • Burgundy and Cream Scrollwork B
  • Burgundy and Blue Scrollwork B

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