Creamy Caramel Latte Metallic | Acrylic Pour Painting

Every time I gaze at this Creamy Caramel Latte Metallic | Acrylic Pour Painting, I have the urge to make more and more and more! The trouble at this point is I can’t afford frames, I have no wall space left, and every surface in my studio is covered in paintings.

This is probably the first ultra-successful Dutch Pour that I tried. I made some others that came out nice, but this one had a quality about it that really sent shivers up my spine. There is something magical about the wispy, ethereal quality of the blended paints and the way the central white space frames it from within.

What you cannot really see on the photographs is that all the browns and creams and caramels are actually metallic. It’s absolutely beautiful in person, and even more so now that I varnished it with two thick coats so it’s glossy and has added depth.

Colors in this piece include metallic copper, gold, champagne gold, and bronze on a base of white.


Creamy Caramel Latte Metallic | Acrylic Pour Painting is for sale If you see a painting on my Facebook page or website that isn’t on Etsy, chances are it’s either in the curing phase, varnishing phase, or yet to be photographed. But, you can contact me to reserve items you are interested in. See my listings below.

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