Crimped Scrollwork Fat Cat | Cream Calico

I’ve probably told you all this before, but when I get an order for a cat, I always make at least two. That is how this Crimped Scrollwork Fat Cat | Cream Calico came about, too. I was making a regular Fat Cat in these colors and wanted to experiment with the crimper. I was hoping it would at the least make the cat look “fluffy.” I’m not sure if that’s how it ended up – I’ll let you be the judge.

Back to the Buy-One-Make-Two rule that I have. Why? Because it cuts down on waste and time. Since I’m already making one, making two at once saves me at least an extra hour or more of work. It also cuts down on waste. Since I’m snipping pieces of these colors as it is, I might as well use the leftovers for another piece. Then, when inevitably this cat is ordered again, I can just ship it out.

Since the Fat Cats take about twice as long as the Original Cats, I have only experimented making two at a time. With my Original Scrollwork Cats I almost always make three now. The same colors tend to sell, over and over. So if I get an order for a Cream Calico – it’s only a matter of time before another order comes in. LOL They are a very popular color in kitty cats!


This Crimped Scrollwork Fat Cat is available on Etsy. To order this cat, find my listing for Made-to-Order Fat Cats and choose “Custom” – just note that you want the crimped cat in the notes section. If you don’t see where to do this, just message me on Etsy and I can give you the link directly.

If you like this new style of cat, but would like him in a different color, contact me for commission options.

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