Quilled Tuxedo Scrollwork Cat

This cutie patootie is supposed to resemble a sort-of black and white tuxedo cat. Scrolls are hard to make depict coat patterns exactly, so it’s all approximate at best. So making a quilled tuxedo scrollwork cat is definitely a challenge.

In this case, the kitty had white shoulders and a hint of white at the base of her cheek. This came out pretty close to her coloration, but I might go in an add some black around the outermost edge of the white “shoulder” scrolls.

Black is a difficult color to work with, especially when it’s a primary color. The reason for this is that it picks up every single stray flake of dried glue. And, when I clean the tops of the scrolls at the end of the process, I have to be gentle so as not to remove the sheen of the paper. White can be finicky because it discolors very easily. (Always quill with squeaky clean fingers!)

Most of the cats I have made are customized to match an actual cat. I guess I never realized how much people love their cats. But I should have guessed because these guys have been exceedingly popular since I designed the very first one in late 2016.

You can see the entire scrollwork cat collection by visiting the gallery I have created. It includes the scrollwork cats, plus other cats made using the same technique, but depicting just their faces or even the entire cat. You can order your own quilled tuxedo scrollwork cat from my Etsy shop. See some of the items available below.

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