Custom White & Gray Scrollwork Cat

This Custom White & Gray Scrollwork Cat was a piece I made recently for a repeat customer. She already had a scrollwork cat and wanted a commemorative piece for the latest addition to her family.

I always love custom cats because I get to try to figure out how to represent their colors and patterns using scrollwork – which isn’t always easy. In this case, I blended a small piece of pink into the “face” scroll which really brought this cutie to life. I continued this theme by adding pink in both ears. I could have just done all white, but this seemed more accurate. The customer loved it and that’s all that matters.

See more of my Original Scrollwork Cats in the Cat Gallery.

Available on Etsy

Even though this Custom White & Gray Scrollwork Cat has been adopted, you you can order your own Custom Original Scrollwork Cat on my Etsy Shop. I have several styles available, and even more coming in 2021. But for now, the three listings you can choose from are:

  • Original Scrollwork Cat (slender body style)
  • Scrollwork Fat Cat (rounder body style)
  • Zig-Zag Striped Cat (slender body style)

Coming Soon

In 2021 I hope to have listings for the following new “cat” options.

  • Angel Cat (Scrollwork Cat (fat, original) with Angel Wings)
  • Double Original Scrollwork Cats (two slender body cats)
  • Triple Original Scrollwork Cats (three slender body cats)

If cats aren’t your thing, I have a lot of other artwork that is ready-to-ship, including my new line of fluid acrylic paintings. Or, if you have something specific in mind, I am currently accepting commissions. Please feel free to contact me to discuss potential projects.

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