Darker Blue Beachy Pour

This Darker Blue Beachy Pour was one of the first few pour paintings I attempted once I’d received the Artist’s Loft Premixed Pouring Paint trial set. The pictures do not do it justice as in person it is absolutely stunning.

As I’ve said before, this paint dries to a glossy shine and has an amazing transparent effect where colors underneath other colors show through and create this fantastic visual depth. It will not create cells without silicone, but if you can deal with that, the other benefits are well worth it.

I on the other hand am having a hard time washing these things to get all the silicone off before varnishing. I don’t know how these other artists are doing it as I’ve watched several Youtube videos and it just doesn’t seem to work for me.

Available on Etsy

I don’t have Darker Blue Beachy Pour listed on Etsy currently but I do have other very similar ones. I’m still deciding whether or not to keep this for my personal collection. I also think it would be great with the other two sister paintings as a trio. I guess if someone really wanted it, I would part with them as a set. Contact me for details.

Below are all the pour paintings I have on Etsy currently. There will be more going up shortly, but I’m still editing photos and waiting for varnish to dry. Check back on occasion because the six or so I have there right now is soon to become 20+!

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