Deluxe Crimping Tool Demo

Let me begin by saying that I’m not affiliated with Quilled Creations in any way. I just love their products. And, since I’m trying to create a solid resource for beginning quillers, it’s seems logical to review the tools I – as a veteran quiller – use the most. Hence why I’ve created this Deluxe Crimping Tool Demo.

I know I said during the video that I was going to try to find links to the other fancy crimping tools I mentioned, but I couldn’t find what I was referring to. My best suggestion at this point if you are looking for a crimper that has multiple patterns is to look on Ebay or Amazon. I found a cheap plastic one on Ebay that had three patterns – so that is a start.

Quilled Creations Deluxe Crimping Tool Demo

Where to Buy

Below is an excerpt from their website describing this tool.

"Create fine or coarse crimped paper strips with just a turn of the knob! The Deluxe Crimper has a large, see-through turning handle, making it easy to see your paper as it crimps. Works with quilling paper up to 3/8" (9mm)." $12.95

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