Double Mixed Quilled Cats

Because I’m attempting to create a listing for all types and combinations of cats, let me present the new Double Mixed Quilled Cats option. This artwork depicts two of my ever-popular scrollwork cats, but with a “mixed” body shape: one fat and one original.

These particular cats – Morris and Ruby – are actually the beloved fur-babies of a long-time dear friend of mine. It was incredibly thrilling to get to make artwork for her. Not only because it’s always fun for me to create for friends, but because she’s a fellow quiller!

I never did get around to the concept of quilling artist trading cards, but this might be as close as I come. Morris and Ruby are heading off to their owner on Monday and I really hope she loves them. I know I do. In particular, Morris, as I’ve never done a fat, solid, orange cat. He was such an amazing subject.

Coming Soon

I am diligently working to create examples of all my new cat offerings. I have several left to make and a few left for demo customers to claim. If you want a great deal on some cat art, swing by my “Looking for Demo Customers” page and sign up for your discounted cat art.

In the Spring – potentially as early as March – I’ll working on a line of Mini Cats. These will be smaller versions of my regular cats, occupying 8″ x 8″ frames and 5.5″ and 3.5″ mats. I’m still working out the design details, but will announce when they’ll be available to demo customers.

Available on Etsy

Although this particular Double Mixed Quilled Cats piece is sold, I have created an Etsy listing for people who have two cats of mixed body shapes and want to memorialize them with the beautiful art of quilling. All of my Made-to-Order listings are displayed below. This one is called “Double Cat (Mixed)” and it comes with several different framing options.

If cats aren’t your thing, but quilled or fluid artwork is – I am currently accepting commissions. Please contact me to discuss your project ideas.

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