Etsy Sucks and So Does Kirsty Saunders

I put so much effort into my artwork and oftentimes sell it for pennies or even end up giving it away. The one thing I took pride in is that my Etsy shop had a 5-Star rating.

Until today, that is. Courtesy Tulie S. (aka Kirsty Saunders, aka Tulie Rose Art).

What really gets me is that the item that has now tarnished my shop reputation ended up being an item that actually cost me more to create, package, and ship, than the buyer paid for it, which, by the way, was just $5.00.

  • I spent several hours creating this piece. I then spent an hour or so photographing and editing photos of it. Another hour or so creating blog posts and uploading images and tweaking the SEO so it’s Google and Bing friendly.
  • I paid Etsy for the listing (several times since it was first listed) and I paid another portion of that $5.00 back to Etsy in the form of seller’s fees.
  • I paid for “fragile” stickers and label envelopes and packing materials. Thankfully I recycled a box so I didn’t pay for that, too.
  • It ended up costing me more for shipping than the buyer paid because this always seems to happen, especially when I have to guess at box sizes and weights at the time I list the item.

The item I shipped was exactly as described. No promise of a signature anywhere on this listing. None of the product images showed a signature. The description didn’t say there would be one.

She left me a 4-star review and said “Beautiful Piece! Sad it didn’t have the artists’s signature on it anywhere.

She ruined my perfect 5-star rating because she was expecting a signature, even though none was offered, asked for, or implied. I don’t sign generic art. Nowhere in the product listing was there an indication that this would be signed. Or maybe she just wanted to hurt my shop reputation. She, after all, runs her own quilling shop. I have to wonder about her motives. Especially since she has been a long-time member of a quilling group that I founded and had to have known me, even if indirectly.

Could she have messaged me at the time of the order and said “I was hoping you would sign this before you ship it”?

Yes, and I would gladly have done so.

Could she have messaged me after the fact and said “I was hoping that this would come signed, is there anything you can do for me?”

Yes. And again, I would gladly have done whatever was necessary to preserve my shop’s reputation and rating.

What she chose to do was be passive aggressive, petty, and avoid communicating with me directly in lieu of giving me a bad review and leaving a whiny and frivolous complaint on my Etsy shop.

This was so completely unnecessary. If anyone knows me, they can attest that I go out of my way to make my customers happy. I just need to know that there is an issue to begin with.

I messaged her and said “I’m sorry you were expecting a signature. I wish you’d said something to me before ruining my 5-star rating.”

Yes, I was upset. She took something away from me with her $5.00 that I can never get back. And all because she wanted something I had never promised.

It’s just wrong and upsetting and a testament to the awful culture of entitlement we’ve descended into where first reactions are mean and nasty and hateful instead of trying to communicate first.

She responded by editing her original review make it even worse… She did not respond to my message.

“Also did not appreciate the artist’s follow up email berating me for ‘ruining’ her 5 star rating.”


Okay, Kirsty. You have obviously never been berated. You also seem to have an issue with exaggeration and lying.

So she ruined my rating because of something that she thought she was getting but was never offered or described. Then she outright lied and said I had “berated” her.

Sometimes I wonder why I even do this because it’s people like this that stomp out my creativity.

Honestly, all she had to do is message me and tell me about her expectations of a signature on a piece that I never intended or offered or implied I would sign, and I would have gladly done something for her. Whether that means making her a new one or paying for her to send it back so I could sign it, I don’t know, but I surely would have made sure she was happy and that my shop reputation wasn’t negatively affected.

I go out of my way for customers all the time, but she chose to take away the one thing I was most proud of instead of reaching out to me first.

Another customer bought two cats from me last week and to show my appreciation, I sent her another item she had favorited (for FREE). Just as a surprise. I didn’t gain anything from it except the knowledge that this complete stranger would hopefully have a big smile on their face when they opened the box.

I often see people struggling financially and mail them care packages or buy them something they need. I’m not well-off but my heart feels good when I make someone else’s day brighter. I do this routinely. I give more – or at least try to – than is expected. Kirsty got a 50% discount on her item because of a teeny weeny dent in the corner that a mat would completely cover. Her $5.00 piece of paper took me hours to make not to mention the materials that went into it.

Because she outright lied in her edited review, I contacted Etsy and reported it. Etsy said they had to remain neutral on disputes, but noted that unless she gave me a 3-star rating, she could have written any amount of lies she wanted to and I would be prevented from responding.

That is just wrong.

She could have lied and said that the item came covered in feces and I would have had to deal with that every time anyone ever read my shop reviews. Etsy wouldn’t have done a thing to help me. Yes, this is so sadly true.

Can you believe that? As long as she kept it at 4-stars and didn’t write anything extremely offensive, she could have written any lie she wanted.

Remember that the next time you are paying for Etsy listing fees and Etsy seller fees and Etsy shop fees and Etsy this and that and the other fees. They don’t stand behind their shop owners even though the shop owners are their life blood.

And also remember this experience if you ever buy anything from Kirsty Saunders, or, even worse, she buys something from you.

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