Quilled Flamepoint Scrollwork Cat

I have made Seal Points and Cream Points, so the logical next coloration was to make this Quilled Flamepoint Scrollwork Cat. I have to admit that I am really partial to this look and I love how this kitty came out. You can see the entire gallery of Scrollwork Cats here.

I have made so many scrollwork cats at this point that I’m not sure what patterns or colors I am missing. For Mother’s Day, expect to see at least a dozen ready-to-ship cats available on Etsy. If you have a special request or a suggestion, please contact me and let me know. I love hearing from fellow quilling admirers.

This Quilled Flamepoint Scrollwork Cat is available for adoption, as are a few other kitties. And, as always, if you would like a cat made in the likeness of your own favorite feline, just visit my Etsy shop and “Request Customization.”

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I’ve also just begun designing a line of Fat Cats that will be a sister line to the Scrollwork Cats. They are a more colorful, plus-size version of my original cats. I’m also looking into a personalization option where each cat can come with a collar and tag with their name on it. I will announce when this feature is ready. In the meanwhile, check out the first three Fat Cats that I have available.

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