Floral Gaelic Double Wedding Monogram

I finished up this incredible monogram today. I am calling it a Floral Gaelic Double Wedding Monogram, but in reality it’s just a double monogram that I incorporated specific themed concepts into. These include the two primary flowers and greenery from the wedding bouquet, the tiara that the bride wore, the scabbard and sword the groom wore, and their first initials.

I really enjoy projects where I can go on a scavenger hunt to find “themes.” In this case wedding photos. I didn’t go into it with certain colors or a specific theme in mind – and this allowed me to really get creative. In the end, I think I successfully captured the essence of the wedding, or at least I hope so. The newlyweds will be receiving their gift anytime now, so I’ll let you know how it all pans out!

Elements Incorporated

Here are the four elements I included.

  • Black-eyed Susan
  • Red Rose
  • Red Scabbard and Sword
  • Silver and Ruby Tiara



The flowers were made very simply. I didn’t want them to be overly complex as flowers aren’t something I make very often. I used strips folded in half for both the rose and the daisy to give a bolder and more interesting edgeline. The daisy was made a little differently as I had to match the inside petal height with the 1/8″ height of the outside of the brown dome. In order to do this, I cut one end to 1/8″ and tapered up to 3/8″.


The tiara was made entirely with gilded paper from J&J Quilling in the UK. It is an odd width – 5mm so just over 1/8″ but a little less than 1/4″. Because the white was the wider of the two, I had to set the red ruby “onto” it by gluing it upside down. This made four little short “legs” for it to sit on so the tops were all the same height. I didn’t make it exactly like the bride’s tiara, but tried to make it look similar enough to relay the concept.

Sword and Scabbard

The sword was cut from a thick piece of True Brushed paper from Cricut. This stuff is amazing. I also cut the rings from this. I used black thread to wind around the handle.


I used primarily Quilled Creations paper in 3/8″ width for this monogram. The white cardstock outline was made with Cricut cardstock that I cut with my Maker. And the gilded paper for the “tiara” was from JJ Quilling in the UK.


I hope you enjoy this Floral Gaelic Double Wedding Monogram. I sure do! I cannot wait to have the opportunity to do another. If you have a wedding, engagement, or anniversary coming up, keep me in mind. This is one of the most unique gifts you can give someone. Remember that Paper is the material that signifies the first wedding anniversary!

Buy a Monogram

Right now I have three monogram listings on my Etsy shop: Standard, Themed, and Side-Scrollwork. See the links below for more information. If you are interested in this double themed monogram, contact me as I haven’t created a listing for it yet.

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