Fuchsia & Blue Swipe Painting

After stalking fluid art pages for several years I finally got up the courage to try it out myself. I have to say that although I spent an enormous amount of money buying supplies and then ruined half of the associated paintings, I believe I have finally figured out how to make this work! The first painting that I am declaring “complete” and therefore ready to sell is this Fuchsia & Blue Swipe Painting.

I have been busy making paintings for myself to fill the walls of my house. The first one I made was a yellow and gray flip cup pour for my newly redecorated bathroom. It came out really nice and I have posted images of that piece in a previous article. I actually just got done varnishing it and am ordering in a float frame this week.

The Fuchsia & Blue Swipe Painting is a really gorgeous piece. It’s filled with little intricate details and textures. The triple coat varnish gave it a nice semi-gloss finish. Being one of the first few paintings I made, I’m pretty excited that it came out so well. But, I don’t have these colors in my house and I am hoping that someone else can appreciate the beauty of the piece as well as have it match their decor.

On a side note – when I made the painting my bathroom was pink – but while this was curing I bought a new yellow/gray set, LOL.

Available on Etsy

This piece is 10″ x 10″ x 5/8″ and is on wrapped canvas. It is sealed with archival quality Windsor Newton Gloss Varnish. All four sides are painted on. The surface has varying degrees of texture from both the canvas and areas where the paint was thicker.

Colors you can see in this: Sky Blue, Magenta, Fuchsia, Gold, White

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