Full-Striped Quilled Cat | Alternate Version

I felt like it was time to try out a new cat pattern, so the other day I experimented with “stripes.” the second of the two I made as demo models was this Full-Striped Quilled Cat. I had made a zig-zag striped Fat Cat this past winter and originally started out with that style in mind. I quickly realized that it didn’t look as good on these thinner-bodied cats.

My first striped cat was striped half-and-half. You can see the end result here. I felt like I had to see what it would look like if I tried making the stripes span the entire width, and this is what I came up with.

I definitely prefer the half-and-half version, though this is definitely cute. It just doesn’t look nearly as striking as the other one. I think that this one needs some tight coils along the edges to fill in gaps. I might do that today.

A woman purchased a custom Scrollwork cat last week and today I’m making one of those. If I have time, I’ll enhance this cutie. In the meanwhile, this demo model and the demo model of the half-and-half striped cat are both available on my Etsy shop.

Customizable Cat Listings on Etsy

This Full-Striped Quilled Cat is available on my Etsy shop, and is also customizable. If you like this style, but in different colors, just include the two colors that you prefer in the comment section of your order.

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