Glowing Magma | Acrylic Pour Painting

All I can say about Glowing Magma | Acrylic Pour Painting, is that I don’t think it could have come out any more stunning if I’d actually tried to create something like this.

This amazing work of art looks like a glowing magma flow that is hardening off and steaming. Yes – look at the unintentional “steam” on the bottom half of the painting. Wow! These wispy, opaque areas are actually gold paint that bled up through the orange and black. And their appearance and placement are simply marvelous.

I coated this with a triple-thick glossy varnish and the end result is pure smooth glossy depth. It’s the only painting I’ve coated this thickly and I love how it came out. It’s almost as if you can see down “into” it like you’re actually sitting on the rim of a volcano looking down at the glowing lava.


Glowing Magma | Acrylic Pour Painting is for sale, but it’s not on Etsy  yet. If you see a painting on my Facebook page or website that isn’t on Etsy, chances are it’s either in the curing phase, varnishing phase, or yet to be photographed. But, you can contact me to reserve items you are interested in. See my listings below.

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