Gray & Purple Metallic Lunar Pour | Acrylic Fluid Painting

This Gray & Purple Metallic Lunar Pour | Acrylic Fluid Painting was one of my first few pour attempts. I loved it immediately for a couple of reason. First, it almost completely metallic. I used Metallic White and Silver and it mixed with the little bit of black in the cup and created a medium gray metallic background. It’s really beautiful. The entire piece shimmers. There is also some gold that popped up on one side and some purple that lifted through on the other. The second reason I love it is because of it’s amazing resemblance to the lunar surface. Some of the cells looks just like craters. It’s pretty uncanny!

The only issue with this piece is that it doesn’t match anything in my house. I think I’m going to sell it, but have to paint over a small scuff on the side first.

As I said in the first paragraph, this is a flip cup. I basically set down a “pillow” of paint in the center of the canvas and then I poured paints in layers into a plastic cup. I “flipped” the cup upside down onto the pillow and let the paint run out of it, then pulled the cup off the canvas. Flip cups never disappoint because they are so random and organic in appearance. I could use the same colors in the same order, same amounts, etc., and the moment I flip it, chaos and entropy take over to create their own unique design.


Gray & Purple Metallic Lunar Pour | Acrylic Fluid Painting is for sale, but it’s not on Etsy  yet. If you see a painting on my Facebook page or website that isn’t on Etsy, chances are it’s either in the curing phase, varnishing phase, or yet to be photographed. But, you can contact me to reserve items you are interested in. See my listings below.

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