Green & Gold Quilled Letter M Monogram

2021 is going to be the year of the monogram, I can just feel it! And, to be truthful, I’m absolutely loving making all these beautiful, swirly, delicate, scrollwork monograms. The one that I finished last night is this Green & Gold Quilled Letter M Monogram. I really love how it came out, how about you?

As with all the monograms I’ve made this year, it was done using extra wide (deep) 3/8″ quilling strips. The extra BOOM BOOM POW this width paper gives to monograms is definitely worth having yet another paper collection.

The 3/8″ paper is not only easier to work with, but the way the paper casts colored shadows on the background is spectacular. Don’t get me started on how it pops off the paper, almost sculpture-like. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to 1/4″ monograms. But that’s okay, because at least two major suppliers carry it so I can skip the Juya multi-color pack hassle.

I outlined it with Cricut linen-textured cardstock that I cut myself, because… getting straight edges is so much easier with heavier paper. It’s mounted on a new 300gsm cardstock that I found and am loving for it’s rigidity and brightness.


Although this particular Green & Gold Quilled Letter M Monogram is sold, I have created two Etsy listings for monograms. One of them is for a generic, scrollwork monogram – like this one. The other is for “themed” monograms which will be specific to whatever you choose. All of my Made-to-Order listings are displayed below.

If monograms aren’t your thing, but quilled or fluid artwork is – I am currently accepting commissions. Please contact me to discuss your project ideas.

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