Here We Go Again, Copyright Violator – Blue J’s Designs

I absolutely hate having to deal with copyright violations. It’s just not something that is enjoyable. It’s stressful. It’s argumentative. And worst of all, it really – I mean REALLY – gives me a negative outlook on human beings in general. So here we go again, copyright violator Blue J’s Designs out of Huntington Beach, CA.

Normally I wouldn’t do anything, but this woman is trying to sell my Original Scrollwork Cat design on Etsy. I suppose I could let it go, but there is a principle behind this, and the concept of integrity as well.

Here is what happened…

I accidentally closed my Etsy browser tab today and immediately typed “Etsy” into the address bar of my browser. When it did, it brought me not to my Shop Dashboard, but to Etsy’s main landing page. The first thing that popped up in front of me was a listing for – you guessed it – a knockoff version of my Original Scrollwork Cats.

The shop is named Blue J’s Designs and it’s listed as being out of Huntington Beach, CA. She has made 25 sales and most of her items appear to be poorly made quilled items. I believe her name is Jennifer as her Etsy username is: jenniferblue12.

To give her the benefit of the doubt, I contacted her and explained that she was violating my copyright and requested that she remove the listing. I was hoping she was a decent human being, and that this was all I’d have to do.


She responded and said that she had come up with the design all on her own and that I – yes ME – might even be violating HER copyright. WTF? Seriously? I guess she has a really skewed view of reality because it is acutely obvious she copied my design. I wish I was a mathematician and could calculate the odds of her scrollwork cats bearing such striking similarity to my design. It’s not something that would have happened at random. I hate liars and even more so, I hate liars who really dig in to their lie. It’s pathological. To carry on a lie and keep adding to it and then reflect her own unsavory actions onto me is disturbing at best.

As you can see, I found the exact Seal Point cat she copied. It as clear as day she copied my cat. I just don’t understand the concept of her continuing to insist she didn’t. It’s so strange. The screenshot in the corner are my original CR2 files from when I photographed this particular cat half a decade ago. And, you can also see the year that I signed this cat.

I’m not entirely sure who this woman is, but I guess in the long run it doesn’t matter. She is a lost soul with an honesty issue that she needs to do some soul searching about.

I did submit an intellectual property report to Etsy. We’ll see what they do. I guess if they’d rather have sellers like her on their platform than me, I’ll just open a Shopify store instead. At least that way I won’t be paying to have copyright violations rubbed in my face every time I open up the site. I’ll keep you posted on what they end up doing.


Etsy removed the listing. Thank you, Etsy.

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