How I Edit Quilled Artwork

This is an old video that I took to demonstrate how I edit quilled artwork. It works best when using the Dick Blick Fiber-Infused Artboard, but will work passably well with a nice heavy cardstock. I have “edited” artwork on dozens of occasions and the reason I choose this art board for my more elaborate pieces.

The beauty of the fiber board is that it doesn’t warp even when drenched with water. It’s rigid and stays white even over long periods of time. Every other background I’ve tried has changed color over time – but not this one.

I also like that this can take a ton of weight (mulitple layers of quills) and glue without it sagging or warping or doing any of the things you’d expect from a cardstock background.

The only issue with this is that it doesn’t come in smaller sizes even though the packaging clearly indicates there is a 5×7 size available. If you want to cut it down to smaller sizes, you will need a razor knife and straight edge. It’s pretty rigid so you’ll want to score it several times on both sides then snap it like you a piece of foam.

Dick Blick Fiber Infused Artboard

  • 8×10 White
  • 8×10 Black
  • 11×14 White
  • 11×14 Black

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