How to Make Quilled Flames

This video discusses How to Make Quilled Flames. It’s a fantastic technique with a lot of other applications other than just flames. I go over start to finish how to produce them, using my Quilled Rising Phoenix as an example. The technique is not mine, but rather one that I adapted with some tweaking from a book called Paper Quilling Chinese Style.

Do Not Copy My Original Designs

By providing you with instructions on how to make paper flames, I am in no way giving you permission to copy either of my original phoenix designs. Just so it’s clear, none of my designs are to be copied for commercial or personal use.

How to Make Quilled Flames (like the ones pictured above)

Example Artwork Using Paper Flames

I have used quilled paper flames in my artwork on several occasions. Most notably in my three phoenix pieces. I honestly don’t remember if it appears in any others, but if I stumble across more examples, I will list them here.

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