Hummingbird Theme Letter B Monogram

A month or so ago the President of the Guild of American Papercutters contacted me to create a monogram for their Director of Outreach. This was a gift being given to her at the annual conference. She provided me with a photograph of a wedding dress and asked me to incorporate those themes into the piece. The end result was this Hummingbird Theme Letter B Monogram.

Creation & Materials

This monogram has three distinct layers to give it a sense of depth. The bottom layer is a white on white fern with simple crimped fill using 1/8″ strips. I wanted it to blend into the background and not be too noticeable, yet still resemble the ferns on the dress. The next layer up with the white outline of the letter itself which is 1/4″ deep. The hummingbird, most of the lotus, the butterfly, and the fuchsia rim on the letter are all 3/8″.

On a side note, my husband was the one who suggested the fuchsia crimped “rim” on the letter and boy it came out lovely. Something about the way it casts color onto the white and creates a horizontal stripe long the edge of the letter was the perfect way to make it pop as well as pull more of that color into the piece.

I used a variety of materials for this. Cricut cardstock cut with my Maker for the outlines of the 3/8″ components (because you can’t buy 3/8″ cardstock commercially yet). The rest of the 3/8″ paper was Quilled Creations. The 1/8″ fern was also Quilled Creations, but I used cardstock quillography strips for a bolder presence.

The piece is 8″ x 8″ and framed in a white 8″ x 8″ box frame.

More on My Monograms

You can see all my recent monograms in the Monogram Gallery. And, if you’re shopping for one as a gift, I have added to my Etsy listings and have four types available in a variety of sizes.

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