Hybrid Quilled Scrollwork Cardinal

Don’t you just love this hybrid quilled scrollwork Cardinal? I did a whole series of these back in the fall of 2016. The goal was to make a simple scrollwork animal and then finish the piece off with pen and ink.

In this case the finishing touches were a beak, legs and feet, and a branch to perch on. I think that the scrollwork gives this guy an elegant look and the pen and ink add another layer of dimension.


The basic techniques in this piece were mixing pen & ink and quilled scrollwork. I found an image of a cardinal on the internet and drew on the feet and branch. Then, using a clear sheet protector, I used the body shape of the bird to help place my scrollwork. After I had that all in place, I drew on the beak.

I’ve been making scrollwork creatures for several years now – most notably the Original Scrollwork Cats. They have been hugely popular over the years and have given me a lot of pleasure to both design and create.

You can see the entire collection of them in the Original Scrollwork Creatures Gallery.

If you’re looking for a scrollwork creature to give as a gift, consider an Original Scrollwork Cat. You can find them on my Etsy shop. (Sorry, the hybrid quilled scrollwork Cardinal has flown off to a new home already)

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