In Search Of The Perfect Glue Bottle | Does It Exist?

Have you ever spent five times as much money as something would cost, just trying to find another product that works as good as the one you don’t want to buy. In search of the perfect glue bottle, I have done just this. Now, four times over. Let me show you the products I’ve wasted money on over the past few months so you can be spared the expense.

The question at this point is, should I keep searching or just give in and buy the damn glue bottle from Quilled Creations that I HATE buying because it’s so frigging expensive. I mean, the reality is that the bottle I keep trying to avoid buying because it’s so tiny and costs a whopping $4.95 is far less than I’ve spent on the now dozens of bottles I have laying around my house. There is something wrong with my logic, I guess!

What I Want From a Glue Bottle

  • Easy Squeezing
  • Stainless Needle Tip
  • Reasonably Priced

That’s basically it. Nothing special. Just those three things.

Flexible, easy-squeezing plastic. Nothing is worse than seeing your thumb bulk up like the Hulk after a holiday crafting binge because it’s like a two-finger workout every squeeze. I want the needle tip to be stainless so the glue doesn’t rust inside of it and come out all gross and brown. And I want it to be reasonably priced. I do not feel as though a single teeny-weeny bottle is worth $4.95.

The First Bottles I Tried

The bottles below seemed like a good deal. $9.99 for 30 bottles! They looked exactly like the QC bottle, but came bulk. Woohoo – right? Wrong! They are slightly larger and they are made out plastic that is very inflexible. Once the glue is inside the bottle, they become even more difficult to squeeze. I found myself using two hands to put enough pressure to get the glue out. I definitely don’t recommend these. Save your money, or use them for something else like alcohol or water. They are definitely good for those two things – any non-viscous fluid. Glue is too viscous.

The Second Bottles I Tried

I am not sure what I spent on these, but I’m pretty sure it was more than the first set of bottles and as you can see, there are only three in the package. I thought they would be “the ones.” They are the perfect size. Very easy to squeeze. But… One major issue…

The metal tip just sits on a peg that is inserted into the bottle. There is nothing to hold it. Let’s just say that if you put even the slightest amount of pressure on the bottle, the whole end shoots off and glue will glob all over your work area. Luckily when this happened to me I had a protective cardstock sheet over my background. Otherwise I would have had about 20-hours of work ruined. That would have been disastrous. Also, the cap only works by itself. You can’t cap over the metal tip.

I do not recommend these for glue. Water or alcohol only. And squeeze them gently or get a big surprise! (BTW these were $5.99)

The Third Bottles I Tried

These looked perfect to me. I think I read a review where someone said they were easy to squeeze. From the photos it looked like the needle tip was part of the cap. They are made of stainless. I was really excited for these to arrive. They cost $6.98 for four bottles.

Then I realized that it was the same old story. The needle tip doesn’t secure into the cap, they just sit on a peg. I knew without even trying them that if I put pressure on the bottle itself, the tip would shoot off and glue would go everywhere.

To test this theory I did exactly that. Sorry to say that even though they look great and are a soft flexible plastic, that pesky tip won’t work for glue.

The Fourth Bottles I Tried

These bottles were $9.00. They are actually pretty large and the needle tip is huge. It took some getting used to. Of all the bottles on this review, these are the only ones with a locking tip. You have to screw it onto the base, but so far, I haven’t had it come loose. The plastic is very soft and easy to squeeze. But… because the tip is so long, you spend longer squeezing to move the glue to the end. Kind of a pain, but better than glue everywhere like the other bottles, or aching thumb muscles.

What is my conclusion? I think I want to spend about $100 more dollars finding failures than the measly $5 to buy the Quilled Creations bottle. LOL I’m a glutton for punishment, I guess.

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