July 2022 | Cooper’s Portrait, New Sunflower & Rainbow Spirals

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Rainbow Spirals

I haven’t made one of these for many years, but, it came together nicely. The customer loved it and wrote me a beautiful thank you note when she received it. I created a second spiral that I used as a Pride Month Giveaway. I didn’t photograph it, but it was similar to the one below.

Frame Choices

Because I am always being asked what sizes and colors are available – AND I just discovered my frame supplier has added new options – I’ll be adding a page to my main navigational menu with a complete list of all frames I either have in stock or are easily available. The three colors below are: Driftwood Gray, Blonde, and Honey. I really love these new options! You can find the complete list here.

New Sunflower

The first sunflower I made back in March was such a hit, I had a woman request another. I altered this one slightly, by changing it from an angled perspective to a front-facing one. It came out simply spectacular. My customer was an absolute darling and it was a beautiful experience hearing from her how this piece of artwork helped her to feel her son’s presence. It’s a lovely thing knowing that my artwork brings joy to others.

For those of you who love this sunflower, you might be excited to know that I’ll be doing a start-to-finish video tutorial on how to make it starting in Mid-to-late July. Although the flower I’ll be creating on video is a pink peony, it’ll use almost the same techniques as I used to make this particular sunflower. See the section on “Patreon Updates” below for more information.

Cooper’s Portrait

I have a love/hate relationship with dog portraits. I love making them because I know how valuable the physical memory of a dog is. I hate making them because it means that – in most cases – the pet is gone. This is Cooper. I was very grateful that his owner chose me to memorialize him. He was such a handsome boy.

Patreon Update

I’ve been working on the Betta Tutorial for the last several weeks. I think I have about three more weekends and it’ll be done. After this tutorial I’ll be doing a giant Peony for July and August.

I have plans for this fall and winter to do some tutorials on pet portraits. Or at least a few segments that go over various techniques that can be used to make them more realistic and accurate.

I had also thought about doing a Rising Phoenix Tutorial for late winter 2022/2023.

Becoming a Patron is just $5/month and it gives you access to all my current content, plus all new content, as I produce it. Right now I’m uploading a video tutorial segment each Sunday, so over the course of the year this will equate to roughly 3-5 full-length projects that you can try out.

Upcoming Projects

I have a LOT of dog portraits scheduled. And one cat portrait. So many, in fact, that I might have to cut them off, or at least book them out by 3-6 months. Expect to see them posted on my SM pages as I finish them.

This week I’ll be completing a Coral Reef-themed Double Monogram. And if I have enough time, a cat portrait. After that I have dog after dog on my workbench. And, in August a remake of my Rising Phoenix.

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