March 2022 | Mascot, Charlie, Sunflower & More

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This is my very first blog post of 2022! I would definitely have made one earlier, but as many of you know, I caught COVID in January and have been down and out for many weeks. I am beginning to feel better and am trying to do some catching up.

So what exactly does “New Format for 2022” mean? Well, it means that I’ve decided to alter the way I add content to my website. I used to create a new blog post for nearly all the unique items I created, but it’s a lot of writing and fiddly work when I’d rather be creating.

What I plan to do this year on a test basis, is to create a monthly update post where I can discuss and share photos of all the projects I was or are currently working on. I’ll still include detail photos of pieces as well as video clips if I have them.

Now that it’s March, I guess that I’m three months behind. I’m not really sure where to begin. So here goes…

January 2022

Life Event

The first big event of 2022 was that I lost my decade long job. 🙁 That was a big blow to me and I’ve kind of been reeling because of it. I’m looking for employment but feel so out of touch and out of sync. It’s hard doing the same thing for so long and then having no idea how to rebuild or restart. I am hoping to find something that is satisfying and meaningful and interesting, because I can’t imagine having to spend the last few of my most vital years slaving away in an uptight office worrying about stuff that is unimportant in the long run. I am hopeful, but scared.


In January I only created one piece of artwork. It was a Baltimore Oriole Mascot. I love doing these simple, but cute scrollwork logos as they just work no matter what it is. I made an Illinois Redbirds Logo in 2021 and it had a very similar feel to the Baltimore one. See more birds in my Bird Gallery.

Baltimore Oriole Mascot
Baltimore Oriole Mascot

February 2022

I didn’t make anything in February, but I did start an interview process with Downeast Magazine. They are featuring me as a local artist in their May Edition. I was pretty honored that they selected me out of thousands of artists in Maine. The interview spanned four phone calls and a lengthy photo session. I hate having my picture taken, but Tara was absolutely amazing and she put me at total ease. Maybe this will open up some artistic opportunities for me in the future.

March 2022

The month is about 1/3 of the way through and I have completed two projects so far. One of them was an inspirational piece that was inspired by the horrors happening in Ukraine right now. You probably don’t have to guess what the subject matter is. That’s right… a Sunflower. See more flowers in my Flora Gallery.

Charlie’s Portrait

Paper Quilled Dog Portrait

The second project I worked on was a dog portrait. Charlie the German Shepherd recently crossed the rainbow bridge and a kind woman who worked with a woman that I had done a memorial portrait for last year contacted me and asked me if I could do something for her friend, who’d recently lost Charlie. Of course I could not say no. I am a dog lover, dog fanatic, and I know the pain of losing a beloved furbaby. One of the things that helped me through losing Duke and Duchess in 2017/2018 was going through their photos. I love giving this gift to people who are grieving their pets. See more portraits in my Portrait Gallery.

Upcoming Projects

Because my priority right now is finding myself a new and fulfilling day job, I might not be as busy arting as I was in 2021. I feel like the stress of being unemployed is dampening my creativity slightly. Needless to say, that doesn’t mean I don’t have projects lined up. I do, and here they are:

Quill-Along Series

First and foremost, I’ve decided to do a Quill-Along series for beginners. My e-kits were very popular when I offered them, but I don’t like the format. Photographing each step and then building a 75+ page PDF is time-consuming. My plan is to avoid photographs and produce a series of video tutorials for people to follow along at their own pace. All instructions will be visual and verbal. Nothing to print out. The videos will be paired with SVG’s that I have created from my treasure trove of photographs. Expect to see the following quill-alongs, at least to begin with:

  • Luna Moth
  • Blue Jay
  • Baltimore Oriole
  • Nuthatch
  • Scarlet Tanager
  • Rose-Breasted Grosbeak
  • Sunflower

If you have any special requests, let me know. I have no definitive time-frame at this point, but expect to try to get at least one video tutorial done and edited every month or so.

Architectural Pieces

I have a few building that I have in the “works.” I don’t know how long they’ll take me and I have no deadlines, so it may be several months. One is a cottage-like home nestled in gardens, another is a new home that needs a unique gift for it’s housewarming. The other is a quaint little seaside camp.

Paper Quilled Dog Portraits

I am definitely going to be working on at least two quilled dog portraits this spring. If you would like your own dog created, contact me to make sure you get on my schedule. See more animal portraits in the Portrait Gallery.

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