Mini Mold Demonstration

One of my favorite quilling tools is the Quilled Creations Mini Mold. In the video below, I give a brief Mini Mold Demonstration for those of you who have yet to try this amazing little thing.

When I first bought it, I had no idea what use I’d ever have for it. Well, that changed about a year into my quilling adventure. Let’s just say that of all my tools and accessories, this is the most prized. I use a lot of others, but this one is my go-to. There always seems to be a need for a domed tight coil.

This is one accessory that even if you buy it and don’t initially use it, it’s not going to really go to waste. It’s durable and something that you will only ever have to buy one of. Well, unless you do something drastic to it, that is.

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Quantum Artistic – The Group

Although it’s a Work-In-Progress, I am slowly building educational materials up for Quantum Artistic – The Group. It’s a Facebook page where I will give a lot of tips, tricks, live demos, free patterns and more. It’s been a slow process so far, but I am getting there. Join now and watch it grow.

Quantum Artistic on Youtube

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