Mini Quilled Poppy Landscape

I’m slowly getting back into the groove of quilling. Today I made a mini quilled poppy landscape. I used a design I had created a few years ago that was a full 8×10 as inspiration for this piece, not really knowing whether reducing it to 5×7 was going to work or not. Luckily, it did!

The last poppy landscape I made was when I was running Contemporary Quilling. One of my moderators at the time, Zahra, made a video on how to create perfect vortex coils. Up until that moment in time I had never really thought much about them. In fact, I was kind of dismissive of them because they seemed to have little use. Even though they are hard to really fit into a piece unless you have a specific use in mind (like as poppies!), they are pretty.

Mini Quilled Poppy Landscape
Mini Quilled Poppy Landscape

So I followed her video and found that they were much easier than I expected them to be. I ended up making all kinds because they were soooo pretty. I wanted to know what the smallest I could make and the largest. In the end I wound up with a massive pile of vortex coils.

To use them up I did two things. First, I took photos of them in piles and the photo is absolutely stunning when blown up to large sizes. I offer it as a print on my Etsy shop, but it hasn’t really sold much. Oh well, I know how gorgeous it is and that’s all that matters! LOL

8x10 Vortex Collage Art Print
8×10 Vortex Collage Art Print

The second use was to create larger version of this poppy landscape. I will link an image of it later on as I haven’t processed those photos yet. (Note to self!!!)

Available on Etsy

Mini Quilled Poppy Landscape


Of course the poppies were made out of vortex coils of varying sizes. You might notice on the closeups that the maroon middle color seems to sit lower than the outer red or inner yellow. This is because the maroon is a smaller width than the other two papers. I actually love the effect as it provides a lot of dimension when viewed in person.

The grass was made of just cardstock strips from Little Circles glued on edge (Edgework).

The sky was made with crimped paper turned into scrolls. I DID develop a whole new technique during this entirely by accident and I will be creating a tutorial on it tomorrow hopefully. It’s called a split scroll and I’m LOVING it more than you can imagine.

And, yes, the background is “colored” in. I used Chameleon Color Tones markers to do this.

I hope you enjoyed this mini quilled poppy landscape. See photos of the piece below.

Available on Etsy

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