May 2022 | Visby, Saturn V, Downeast & More

Topics: Visby the Dog’s Portrait and Creation Video, Saturn V Rocket Monogram, Luna Moth Tutorial, Exploring Paper Art Group, Patreon Launch, Downeast Magazine Feature, and Upcoming Projects.

Portrait of Visby

One of the first projects I tackled after finishing the Betta was a portrait of a cute little dog named Visby. I was told he is an Aussie-Doodle. I had great fun making him and I think the end result was spectacular.

I have a video that shows 40 minutes of his several-day-long creation sped up by 8x to make it a little less painful to watch. I also have a brief video available on my Facebook Page that shows his construction and the layering.

Visby Creation Video

Saturn V Collage Monogram

I am adding in a section for the massive 11″x14″ collage monogram I just finished because it isn’t quite May and I was too impatient to wait another month.

I have nothing positive to say about this experience except for the fact that I loved the end result even if the customer didn’t and making the rocket from scratch was pretty cool.

Final Version 1
Final Version 2

Luna Moth Video Tutorial Series

One of the most common inquiries I receive is “Do you have a tutorial for that?” And usually the answer is no. But, this past few weeks I decided to do something about that. I’m planning on producing a number of start-to-finish tutorials that will take you from a blank background to a beautiful piece of finished artwork. Figuring out all the details has been a challenge, and I spent well over 20-hours creating the first tutorial, but I hope it’ll pay off in the end. To help support this endeavor, I have launched a Patreon page (see below).

The Luna Moth Tutorial is a 13-part video series that is roughly 6 hours total. I know. I know. But you all asked for it. Nothing about quilling is quick, tutorials included. I have to chuckle when people make comments about me not providing tutorials for my most complex pieces like the Phoenix and Lions and wonder if they realize that if something took ME forty to fifty hours to complete, how on earth would I be able to create a comprehensive tutorial that would be short enough to hold anyone’s attention span. LOL

The videography is a little wonky as I used my cellphone and I don’t have a great setup. But I tried to edit out the “ums” and “ahs” and parts where I was hollering at the dog or searching for lost tools. In my opinion, for a first real effort at this, I am pretty proud of the end result.

Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel as I’ll be adding more content regularly. And, if you’re looking for a unique quilling project that even a beginner can tackle, check out this tutorial series.

Paper Art Group Launch

In the same ilk as the tutorials I’m planning, I have also created a Facebook Group where a lot of the free content will be housed. Keywork: Free. I know you all want free stuff, but the truth is that in order to sustain my artistic endeavors going forward, I need to be able to afford them. There will still be a lot of free content on there, but to access the premium content, you’ll need to go to my Patreon. But, the group will be a place where you can gather and discuss and ask questions of any content I post there. I hope that it’ll be a learning experience for all involved.

Patreon Launch

Even though it’s not fully fleshed out, and I’m still in the process of planning and producing premium content for it, I have launched a Patreon Page. As I said in the previous paragraph, it’s going to be geared towards tutorials that will only be available to Patrons. There is one tier currently available. It is $5.00 a month and will include live quilling demos, tutorials, and other content that is exclusive, but this content is limited currently as I’m still in the process of adding it. It’s a work in progress and the $5.00 a month is more a matter of general support at this point. As the Patreon page grows, I will probably add at least one more tier. My first goal is 100 patrons so that I can upgrade my camera and video setup for a more professional result. Until I hit 500 patrons I’ll probably only be producing one patron-only tutorial per month.

Downeast Magazine Feature

Some of you might remember that over the spring I was interviewed and photographed by Downeast Magazine. Well, the article will be available in the May edition. I am not excited to see how awful I look in the photos as I was having massive edema from COVID at the time, but it was such an amazing opportunity, I’ll deal with bad photos for the sake of having that 15 minutes of fame!

Upcoming Projects

  • Huge Collage Monogram
  • Sunflower (a “remake”)
  • Bulldog Portrait
  • Double Dog Portrait (will actually be two portraits for same woman)
  • Cat Portrait
  • Architectural Piece
  • Logo
  • Organisms Collage (microscopic creatures found in pond water)
  • Anatomical Piece (female reproductive tract with a twist)
  • Tyson’s Portrait (this is alllll mine!)
  • Contact Me to talk about your project!