Neutral Gilded Quilled Mandala

I originally made this Neutral Gilded Quilled Mandala for a friend of my mother’s. I’m not sure why I ended up not giving it to her. Probably because I rarely see her and things got hectic in 2017. But, since she never knew it was slated for her, I didn’t feel guilty about never gifting it.

In fact, I still have it on hand and need to get it listed on Etsy as an imperfect item and in the 50% off section. If you are interested, look for my Etsy listings below.

You really can’t tell from these images, but the quills between the cream teardrops and the black coils is actually a beautiful, gold gilded black paper imported from the UK. The outside white coils are silver gilded on white paper. Both come from JJ Quilling. I believe at least one shop in the US carries a limited selection of their paper, but you can always order directly from JJ. I do it in bulk to save on the shipping. But, let me assure you that it is far cheaper to buy something and have it shipped from the UK than it is to ship from the US to the UK. Exponentially so… I have to wonder why the post office is in trouble when they want to charge over $50 to send an item the size and weight of a pencil when I can have 25-50 packs of this paper shipped to me for less than $20. Go figure!


I plan to list this Neutral Gilded Quilled Mandala on Etsy soon. It’ll be in the “Imperfect” section because it is a few years old at this point and the frame might have a teeny weeny ding by now. I haven’t checked it but will this weekend. If mandalas aren’t your thing, I have a lot of other items that are ready-to-ship. Or, if you’d prefer having me create something just for you, contact me about commissions.

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