Neutral Letter O Monogram

It’s really amazing to look back at your artwork from when you were just beginning. This Neutral Letter O Monogram was made for my Aunt as a Christmas gift. At the time I didn’t understand about a bunch of really important concepts like:

  • Leaving white space at the edge of artwork to accommodate mats
  • Using proper background paper
  • Not using too much glue

I think that I committed every quilling faux pas imaginable in 2014 and 2015. By the time I got this monogram framed and to my Aunt, the background was rippled from excess glue use and probably humidity as well. She pretended to love it though, as is the case with most decent people.

Neutral Letter O Monogram


This letter O was made with 1/4″ quilling strips. The only technique I used was to make c-coils throughout, as I hadn’t figured out how to make proper scrollwork at this point of my quilling career!

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If you are interested in your own monogram (even an new and improved version of this Neutral Letter O Monogram), I am currently taking commissions. Please contact me with details. Or, if you’d prefer seeing what I have available and ready-to-ship, check out my Etsy shop.

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