Neutral White & Metallic Pour

This Neutral White & Metallic Pour was my first attempt at a Dutch Pour once I’d found a really good recipe. My previous attempts had come out quite interesting, but with a better paint viscosity, the end result was really stunning. I only wish that photographs could show how the entire center of this which looks “beige” is actually shimmering Champagne Gold.

Anyways, I’m thoroughly hooked on this art form. It’s just a great way to create something unique. The biggest problem is going to be not keeping all my favorites!

This painting is available on my Etsy shop for $10 USD. I have priced it so low because after I varnished it, and while I was taking detailed photographs of it, I realized that there is a little “blob” in one of the dark areas. It’s barely noticeable unless you run your fingers across it to feel for a difference in texture or put your nose on the canvas and tilt it a certain way in the light to see just the surface.

You can see all of my fluid acrylic paintings by clicking this link.

Remember how I said there was a small flaw in this painting? Well you can see it above. It’s about 1-2mm in diameter is really only visible if you are specifically looking for it or are very, very close. I’m not sure what it is, but it obviously happened during the painting process as it’s embedded in the paints – otherwise I would have tried to sand it out of the varnish. It’s possible that it’s a tiny fruit fly or maybe some lint. Who knows. Either way I guess that for $10, it just adds some extra “texture” to the painting, LOL.

Available on Etsy

This Neutral White & Metallic Pour painting is listed on my Etsy shop along with a few others. Over the next week or so, I hope to add about fifteen more paintings to my shop. The section below will grow as the listings go live, so be sure to favorite my shop and bookmark my website.

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