New Siamese Scrollwork Cats

New Siamese Scrollwork Cats
New Siamese Scrollwork Cats with Optional Collar

Google doesn’t like it when you use the same titles for posts, or even similar one. So hence why I called these two “New Siamese Scrollwork Cats” as opposed to “New Seal Point Scrollwork Cats.”

And, just to be clear, the images below are of both cats, not a before and after. I just discovered this cool slide and reveal feature and wanted to play with it. I guess the point is more that each cat I make is similar to the rest, but they are all unique in some way.

Did you notice something different about the cats? I’m now offering a customizable “collar” for both the Original Scrollwork Cats and the Fat Cats. You can choose your collar color and as long as their name isn’t too long, I can fit it.

Please note that the Christmas cat crunch is right around the corner. If you want your own Original Scrollwork Cat or Original Fat Cat, please order well before Christmas. Or, if you are a quiller and want to create your own Scrollwork Cat (personal not commercial) please see the bottom of this post for a list of what’s currently available.

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