Original Scrollwork Cats | 2021

Instead of creating a new post for every single cat I make this year, I plan instead to just update the original categorical post. So, for Original Scrollwork Cats | 2021, this will be the main “thread.” This will include all scrollwork Fat Cats, Memorial Cats Double Cats, Triple cats, and Portraits, too, as they are all cat-themed artwork.

My Original Scrollwork cats have gone through some changes this year. The biggest one being that I’m no longer creating them using 1/4″ quilling strips. I have switched over to 3/8″ paper and the end result is truly lovely. They were close to perfection before, but with the deeper paper, they just have so much more of a presence. I’m glad I tried this width out, as it’s become my primary strip size.

Another change is that I’m offering portraits again. I’ve only done two cats, but have three dogs on the “books” going into fall. I’m definitely loving testing out all these new techniques.

Please check back every so often to see what new cats I’ve created. It’s pretty amazing not only how many I’ve managed to make over the past few years, but the huge variety in colors and patterns. People really love their cats!

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Available on Etsy

Although these Original Scrollwork Cats | 2021 are all sold, I have numerous Made-to-Order cat listings on Etsy. Check out the links below to see what is currently available. If you are shopping for Christmas gifts, plan ahead as there is usually a backlog of cat orders in October, November, and December.

If cats aren’t your thing, but other quilled or fluid artwork is – I am currently accepting commissions. Please contact me to discuss your project ideas.

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