Pair of Cardinals in Berry Bush

One of my husband’s co-workers was interested in getting a custom piece made. My husband – being my biggest cheerleader – always shows the guys my artwork and most of the time I think they probably just “ooh” and “aah” out of respect for him. Kind of like I’m sure people just humor me when I bomb them with tales about Tyson. But, I guess this person really did like my work and after reviewing some of my old pieces, asked for a remake of my Cardinal with Shiny Berries. I’m not big on actually copying previous artwork, so I suggested some changes to make this piece completely unique and he was good with them. In the end I decided to make a Pair of Cardinals in Berry Bush to capture the features he most liked about the original, but gave me an opportunity to create something different for my portfolio.

If you have followed me over the years, you’ll remember this is one of my most popular pieces and it was made for my grandmother in 2016. Of all the creatures I’ve made from paper (besides cats, of course) Cardinals have been the second most popular subject.

Other Cardinal Pieces:

This particular piece is unique in that I layered it with three different widths of paper. The cardinals are made with 3/8″. The foreground leaves are made with 1/4″. And the background leaves are made with 1/8″. This gives it a sense of depth and added visual interest.

After I’d finished the piece, I realized that I had sized it slightly too large for a standard mat and had to order in a custom mat. As soon as that is in, I plan to take another round of photos to add to my social media pages and this website article.

Although this Pair of Cardinals in Berry Bush are sold, I am currently accepting commissions. If you’d like to discuss a project, please contact me. Or, if you want to see what I’ve already created and have available to ship, visit my Etsy shop.