Paper Cat Portrait of Bean

I made three quilled cat portraits back in like 2016 or 2017 and I haven’t attempted one since. The style I used at the time was an artsy, scrolly, kind of whimsical one that incorporated scrollwork and coils and other quilled shapes. The end result wasn’t extremely realistic, but very cute. I always loved those three portraits, but wanted to try a more serious style. Hence my Cat Portrait | First Attempt.

The customer actually ordered a scrollwork cat but after seeing that what made this cat unique was actually his cool coloring and long mane, I knew he would be better portrayed in portrait-style. So I asked the customer if I could upgrade her to a portrait for free to use as a demo. She agreed and this is the end result. It took me several weeks and several thousand strips of paper. I learned a LOT during the process and really love how he came out.

It’s interesting to note that I got an order for a portrait of a nearly identical cat about a week before I’d begun this one – so really bizarre coincidence for sure. But, it gave me a good reason to test out two very different techniques. In the end, I believe that the best way to tackle this type of portrait – at least for me – is actually going to be a combination of my first and second attempts.

Luckily, I have three dog portraits on commission so will be able to test a third combination technique and then two more after to hone my skills. See more of my cats in the Cat Gallery.

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You can now order a pet portrait that is made using techniques from this Cat Portrait | First Attempt from my Etsy shop. I have one listing available to cover any and all pets, as well as two different framing options (8″x8″ and 12″x12″).

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