Paper Portrait of Marigold the Cat

I got two orders back-to-back to create a nearly identical cat. Both cats were black with amazing amber eyes and a long brownish mane. Gorgeous cats and perfect subjects for my foray into pet portraiture as the colors were simplistic and it was more a matter of getting the fur direction and length right than anything. I definitely think that tabbies would be harder in this style. Anyways… The Paper Portrait of Marigold the Cat is my second time making a cat portrait recently, but using slightly different techniques as the portrait I made a few weeks ago of Bean.

This cat’s name is Marigold and he/she is just beautiful. I had made a very similar cat portrait the previous month and because I’m always game to try out new techniques or improve old ones, I used this order as a way to test out a a new way of making these.

Maybe some time I’ll do a big article on my process, but suffice it to say, it’s tedious at best. For Bean’s portrait, I created a complete underlayment in black and brown so there was no white showing through. I have seen so many quilling artists make these portraits using white paper underneath and they never have glaring white show-through so I thought I’d give it a go directly on the background.

I ended up having to underpaint the entire cat to cover white bleedthrough. This was tedious and I’ll definitely rethink the technique as I start prepping for three dog portraits I have planned for this summer. I don’t like the white underneath, but using black and brown paper as a base makes for its own unique challenges. Anyways, I like working problems out so by Fall I WILL have a tried and true and consistent technique to go forward with.

Stay tuned for the following dog portraits: Luna the Amazing Aussie, Laura the Japanese Chin, and a much-loved Bulldogge. I also plan to do my own dog, Tyson at some point, probably this winter and cannot wait.

Order Cats on Etsy

I have recently added a Pet Portrait listing to my Etsy Shop. You can get either an 8″x8″ or 12″x12″ (frame size, not portrait size).

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