Paper Quilled 3D Tortoise

This Paper Quilled 3D Tortoise was my first attempt at 3-dimensional paper art. I don’t remember where I found inspiration, but I think I saw someone who had created a turtle in a similar fashion and I kind of reverse engineered it and turned it into a tortoise instead. Probably because it didn’t come out looking like a turtle! LOL But, art is good for being fluid like that. If it doesn’t match your expectation, find a new expectation.

Paper Quilled 3D Tortoise


This guy took a shit ton of paper. He was made with 1/4″ standard weight quilling strips and I think the strip count for the shell alone was well over 25. He is deceptively “small” (or large?) and is roughly 5″ tall and wide. His shell is over 3″ in depth alone.

His head and legs were made of multi-strip coils that I shaped (painstakingly) into body parts. They didn’t want to keep their shape so I had to put glue inside some of them to hold.

Normally I would link some similar artwork, but in the case of this Paper Quilled 3D Tortoise, there is none. I might have to make a 3D category because I do have several pieces that I created

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  • Beautiful … I have made a few multi coloured but the body parts a bit different

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