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Coming up with accurate blog post titles for these types of things is difficult. So I had to settle upon “Paper Quilled Ancestral Home” aka Grammy Benner’s house. This means absolutely nothing to anyone but me and my immediate family! LOL Suffice it to say that this is the house that my grandmother was born in, and where my great-grandmother lived before her.

When I was born, there were five generations alive and there is a picture that shows us all. It was taken at this house. I have fond memories of Grammy Benner’s butterscotch bars, toy horses, and piano.

When Grammy Benner died, my grandmother ended up selling the house and my aunt asked me to quill the house as it had been “back in the day.” So here it is. A rather plain, run-of-the-mill old-timey Maine home. It started out as a salt-box and then had some small additions. Up until my last visit there it was still locked in time.

The new owners have renovated it and brought it back to life. It’s sad to see it go, but necessary.

Technical Details

To create this I took a photo, sized it to 8×10, and set the photo under a clear sheet protector. I quilled the outlines of major features directly onto the sheet protector. I filled the house in with beehive and the trees, shrubs, and grass in with a scrunch method I developed a few years back.

I have two other architectural pieces as of this date: Bunker Hill Church and Quilled Cape Cod House.

As a finishing touch, I added a mailbox that says “Benner” and framed it with a hunter green mat.

Paper Quilled Ancestral Home

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