Paper Quilled Baltimore Oriole

I’ve been quilling birds almost since day one. There is something about their body shape and the texture of their feathers that really lends well to this style of art. This Paper Quilled Baltimore Oriole was the second quilled bird I created during my Christmas vacation in 2017. And, it was also one of the last things I made until this year.

This oriole is actually based on a photograph I took of a real bird. Having several thousand reference photos makes bird quilling easy. I don’t have to worry about copyrights because I own the photos. But, that only works for birds you can find in Maine – and there is only so much time to devote to this.

One of my future projects is to convert some of my favorite bird photos into SVG format. Right now I have this oriole, a blue jay, a titmouse, and a heron available. I plan to start working on more of these this year.


I normally use 1/4″ strips for almost everything, but the Blue Jay and the Oriole are exceptions to the rule because I had frames that I wanted to use up and they didn’t have the depth I need for the 1/4″ paper.

The process was pretty simple. I used the SVG that I created with my photo to cut out the bird in cardstock. Then I used my Uni-Posca paint markers to color in the black part of the bird.

I used 1/8″ strips to outline the oriole. I’m pretty sure they were standard weight strips and not cardstock, though if I were to recommend it, I’d say buy cardstock for the outline! I filled the bird’s body in with c-coils and other little decorative touches.

SVG Files Available on Etsy

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See something on my site that you like? I am currently accepting commissions. Contact me for details. Or, if you’d prefer browsing my already-created, ready-to-ship artwork, head on over to my Etsy shop and see what’s on the shelves.

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