Paper Quilled Camouflage Letter G

This Paper Quilled Camouflage Letter G monogram was a gift for someone who wanted the person they were giving it to to think they’d made it. Haha! It was an interesting request for sure.

Paper Quilled Camouflage Letter G


This handsome monogram is 8″ x 10″ and mounted on a piece of cream colored cardstock background paper. Back when I made this I was just beginning my quilling journey, and cardstock strips weren’t commercially available. Because of this, I outlined this G with regular weight black 1/4″ quilling paper. I filled it in with the same. All of the coils were 1/2 length strips and I basically just squished them into “clumps” of colors to simulate camouflage.

Similar Artwork

Normally I would be able to find related artwork in my ever-growing treasure-trove of images, but in this case, I really don’t have anything similar. The only other “masculine” monograms I have made are my Viking Letter A and the Black & Green Letter W. I have linked them below for your viewing pleasure.

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