Paper Quilled Dancing Dragonflies

During 2014, I had been feverishly producing quilled artwork. I couldn’t get enough of it. These Paper Quilled Dancing Dragonflies were created as a commission for a woman in Florida, but when I was finished with them, she said she didn’t want them because they didn’t look like they were “dancing” enough and I guess she had envisioned them both flying upwards – something that wasn’t relayed to me at the time. Oh well. You live and you learn!


Although the image I’ve used here doesn’t show the completed piece (I lost one of that) this shows the main features of the dragonflies. I used multi-strip scrolls and c-coils and loose coils to fill in the wings and body. The reeds were combed.

Hindsight is 20/20 and I wish now that I had known about background paper and glue and humidity as this piece warped horribly after it was done. I ended up giving it to my grandmother as she loved it. My poor grandmothers end up with half of my unwanted pieces, LOL. And they make me feel like they’re all works of art. Love my Nannies.

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