Paper Quilled Dove in Flight | Gold Gilded

This Paper Quilled Dove in Flight | Gold Gilded was a commission I did in 2016. I am sometimes amazed at the interesting requests I get and this piece was no exception. The customer needed this dove to have a single red wing feather and a specific number of red feathers around the eyes. I believe she told me it was some sort of friendship “code” or something. No matter what the reason, I was happy to oblige.


Most of you know that I typically use 1/4″ quilling paper for my artwork. Well, this one didn’t allow that – I’ll explain in a few – so I ended up using an atypical measurement which I found to be more fiddly to work with.

This customer wanted gilded paper so I had to order a bunch in from overseas. I was born and raised on the good ole’ Imperial system, so when the woman from JJ Quilling asked me how many mm’s I wanted my gilded strips to be custom-cut to, I gave her the wrong size. I said 5mm when I should have asked for 6mm. That one mm really does make a difference when you’re trying to use US paper mixed with UK paper.

So that all my heights were consistent, I used the gilded paper right side up for the parts I wanted to show as gold. For the parts I wanted to show as black, I flipped the gilded side down. It was kind of a waste of really expensive paper, but I didn’t have much choice at the time.

The techniques I used for this piece were all pretty standard. Combing, teardrops, tight coils, etc.

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