Paper Quilled Heart Stethoscope | For a Nurse

This was actually the second paper quilled heart stethoscope I made at the end of 2016. I guess it was graduation time for nurses and two people reached out to me to make the favorite nurse in their life a piece of artwork commemorating it.

The first quilled heart stethoscope (titled Paper Quilled Nursing Collage) I made was a lot more elaborate and had this design plus a nurse’s hat and decorative adornments.


I used regular red quilling strips to outline the stethoscope design. This particular design is on Cricut Design space. I filled it in with beehive. The ends of the stethoscope were made with silver gilded paper to give it a bit of shine when viewed from the side.

Paper Quilled Heart Stethoscope
Paper Quilled Heart Stethoscope

Notable Materials

I am trying to rebuild my website, and one thing I used to do is list out materials as well as techniques. In this case, I would like to refer you to the company that makes and sells the beautiful gilded paper that I use in most of my artwork: JJ Quilling. It’s moderately expensive to have it shipped, so I recommend contacting her for a custom, bulk order. As always, it’s cheaper to have it sent from the UK to the US than the reverse. Go figure!