Paper Quilled Mermaid | Siren’s Song

Oh, the good old days. When I could just be creative without feeling the need to meet certain standards. Everything was new and exciting in the world of quilling and I just wanted to make, make, make! During December of 2014, I really tried taking my newfound paper-crafting skills to a new level. This Paper Quilled Mermaid | Siren’s Song was one of my first “epic” projects.

It all started with a watercolor painting I dubbed around with that fall. As you can see, I’m not the best painter. I’m waaay better at charcoal sketching. I thought she would make a nice quilled subject, so I tried it out. Below are the “phases” of the mermaid’s creation. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting.

Paper Quilled Mermaid | Siren's Song

Creation Process

Below are a series of photos I took as I filled in the mermaid. And at the very bottom are detailed close-up photos of specific areas of the piece.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the way I created her. Although she met her fate a few years back (my mother’s friend dropped her when he was looking at her and she wasn’t glued so spewed all her pieces and parts everwhere!).

Available on Etsy

Although Paper Quilled Mermaid | Siren’s Song isn’t avaialble, I am currently taking commissions, so if you would like your own quilled mermaid, please contact me. Or, if you prefer, swing my my Etsy shop and browse some already created artwork that is ready-to-ship.