Paper Quilled Northern Cardinal | With Shiny Berries

If you read my articles you’ll know by now that Cardinals are one of my favorite subjects and one of the few animals I have quilled over and over again. This Paper Quilled Northern Cardinal | With Shiny Berries was a gift for my grandmother. She loved the Cardinal I made just before this one so I thought I would give her her own and make it a little special.

Paper Quilled Northern Cardinal


As always, when I offer insight into my techniques, it isn’t giving anyone permission to copy my artwork; it is being offered to others to use for their own unique artwork.

Like most of my artwork, this guy is 8″ x 10″ x 1/4″. I used standard weight quilling strips throughout. He is mounted This cardinal didn’t use anything “special.” Just standard shapes. The body, wings and tailed were all combed. The berries were tight coils shaped into domes using the Quilled Creations Mini Mold. I glazed them with Quilled Creations Crystal Coat Glaze. These two products are absolutely fantastic and I will link them below for anyone interested in trying them out.

The branches were made with 1/4″ strips that I stacked to make thicker. They are tapered from 1/4″ down to 1/8″ or so at the berry end.

On a side note, I ran out of 1/8″ red strips to make the berries with so there is a section of them that are made from a slightly darker red. This kind of irked me at the time but I guess it’s what makes the piece truly memorable for me. LOL

Quilled Creations Products

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