Paper Quilled Nursing Collage

This paper quilled nursing collage was the first time I’d really attempted to incorporate multiple design pieces into a single “collage” piece. In this case it’s three different components: a heart stethoscope, an EKG graph, and a nursing cap.


The three different design elements were from Cricut Design Space. I used them as templates and or actual parts of this piece. I filled them in with scrollwork and rainbow loops and tight coils. There was really nothing particularly difficult about this piece, other than it being time-consuming.

The customer wanted it to be colorful and added several different pastels to it in an attempt to brighten it up. I was happy with it overall. I will say that this was one of two experiences in my quilling career that was unfulfilling. I shipped this on the day that I said I would and paid extra for fast shipping. The customer complained (before she’d even received it) that it was going to be late. She guilted me into refunding her shipping costs before we even knew if it was going to arrive later than she was hoping for. In the end, she got free shipping and it arrived the same day she complained to me via email. Oh well – it takes all kinds. Live and learn. Add your own cliche here, LOL.

A couple of weeks after I made this one, another customer asked me to create a simpler version of this paper quilled nursing collage using just the heart stethoscope for a nursing graduate she knew. I actually like the simpler version better. You can see it here: Paper Quilled Heart Stethoscope.